Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a fun day!

Wow....this day has been just so fun! Last week was just not so good....I got so sick & weak and spent a large part of my days watching Little House on the Prairie episodes! While this is such a lovely show, it is not how I dream of spending my time!!! So....I whine and moan to Joyce Wright from the Girls Gone Scrappy club.....just have to complain a bit about the state of me to one who has surely been thru the wringer and then some this year! Much more than what I've endured.....that's for sure. So....I hear a knock on the door today and Jeff answered it....came back in toting a beautiful vase of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers!!! I of course, immediately attributed this to him of course....and he denies it!!! With of course, the obligatory "Who do you know that's sending you flowers?" I couldn't find my glasses quickly enough to read who had done this lovely deed....Joyce!!! So shocked!!! And so touched and grateful for this friend! Joyce was the recipient of my GGS trade for the month of July and was ever so gracious and effusive about it. Such a great first timer to have. I'd never done this mini trade thing and was soooo intimidated by the whole thing....but she quickly put me to ease when I watched the lovely video she did guest starring my mini!!!
Anyway....THANK YOU JOYCE!!! These flowers so brightened my day! Wow! Look carefully at the picture....there's a lemon in the vase....such a beautiful addition to the bouquet. Joyce said. And such a fresh touch. I just love it!!!

So day improves.....Stephanie Miller....also of Girls Gone Scrappy....was doing the drawing for her blog candy today. I had checked her blog several times to see if she'd done it yet....I was curious about who would win that lovely blog candy....assuming it wouldn't be me. I just don't win things....and yet....who's name does she pull out of that box of names???? Mine!!! I started my dogs all in a lather....(another spider in the house?!!!!) and had to stop the video to get hubby to watch with me!!! I'm so excited to have won!!! Had to call my daughter....really so excited about this!!! THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!! I might add that Stephanie is the only reason I can blog period. I set it up and promptly lost it!!!! She was updating her blog following list and wanted the GGS I give it to her and tell her good luck finding she goes hunting and comes back in 30 seconds announcing she's found me and gives me the link!!!! To my own blog!!! Just too funny! I'm sooooo not a computer person! Anyway....I'm so glad I joined the GGS group! I so needed something good to happen and I had two biggies!!! What are the odds for the self-proclaimed Murphy's Law Poster Child?!!!

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  1. ooh..LOVED this post!! I'm so happy for you!! I"m giddy with delight!! Joyce is amazing... I'm excited about doing her mini!! :) such a caring lovely woman!! and you !! YOU DESERVE flowers and deserve to win!! great Karma you have !!:)

    take care..I'm off to package up your goodies!
    with a big grin,