Monday, August 10, 2009

Japanese Stamp Set

$4!!! I don't think it shows up really well in the photo, but a couple of the stamps are just really simple and not necessarily Japanese. This was Michael's for petes sakes! This store rarely marks things severely down unless they're under contractual obigation!
Anyway....just kind of something fun and different!


  1. oh those stamps are very pretty!! so many and you got them for only 4$!! that is a great GREAT DEAL/STEAL! AND they are really pretty!! YOu are gonna have way fun using those. I love the little ones on the bottom too!!! great find!!! I'm gonna go to michaels this weekend!! i'll have to find the time!!
    with a grin

  2. Hi Kathy!! nice stamps you found, I love them, all of them. I think they are more chinese than Japanese. :)

  3. OH MY That is Gr8. I cannot believe you got that for $4. USA stores hand their stuff over honestly, I've been watching out sale bins on a few stamps and they have been marked at 9.99 for over a mth. I don;t get it. I can't wait to see you project Kathy.

  4. I love your Oriental stamps! My daughter in law is Japanese. She iand my son paid for me to go visit them when they lived there, and then right after I got to Japan, my nephew
    ( my sister's only child )
    was in an terrible accident and passed away. He died serving his country. So sad! Anyway... my trip to Japan got shortened tonz and I felt so bad. back to your stamps... great buy! I LUV them! - Joyce