Monday, August 24, 2009


So....I'm mindlessly (not unusual) signing into my blog, and I somehow got on my Twitter page instead. I guess I wasn't aware that Twitter is so very helpful that they figure that if you write about something, then they'll help you out and send you little tweets to other such somethings. Well....since I wrote about Mary Poppins in bondage, of course they sent me links to BDSM sites. Oh boy! The thought just occurred to me that I've probably signed up for more by actually mentioning it. I'll check them out as soon as I find the key to my handcuffs....KIDDING TWITTER! JUST KIDDING!

Gotta Love Peachycheap!

I just received my $10 grab bag....such a great deal!!! I can't believe all the fun stuff in this! Check it out!!! There's all those little 16 sheets of that Laundry Line tag things....I've bought these individually at scrap stores! They're just so useful!!! And an 8x8 Butcher Block pad, a silver stamp pad, a clear stamp alphabet, 3 pkgs of rub-ons, and a whole pack of American Craft stickers....
Wow! Thank you Peachycheap....and Steph who sent me to this great deal!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a fun day!

Wow....this day has been just so fun! Last week was just not so good....I got so sick & weak and spent a large part of my days watching Little House on the Prairie episodes! While this is such a lovely show, it is not how I dream of spending my time!!! So....I whine and moan to Joyce Wright from the Girls Gone Scrappy club.....just have to complain a bit about the state of me to one who has surely been thru the wringer and then some this year! Much more than what I've endured.....that's for sure. So....I hear a knock on the door today and Jeff answered it....came back in toting a beautiful vase of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers!!! I of course, immediately attributed this to him of course....and he denies it!!! With of course, the obligatory "Who do you know that's sending you flowers?" I couldn't find my glasses quickly enough to read who had done this lovely deed....Joyce!!! So shocked!!! And so touched and grateful for this friend! Joyce was the recipient of my GGS trade for the month of July and was ever so gracious and effusive about it. Such a great first timer to have. I'd never done this mini trade thing and was soooo intimidated by the whole thing....but she quickly put me to ease when I watched the lovely video she did guest starring my mini!!!
Anyway....THANK YOU JOYCE!!! These flowers so brightened my day! Wow! Look carefully at the picture....there's a lemon in the vase....such a beautiful addition to the bouquet. Joyce said. And such a fresh touch. I just love it!!!

So day improves.....Stephanie Miller....also of Girls Gone Scrappy....was doing the drawing for her blog candy today. I had checked her blog several times to see if she'd done it yet....I was curious about who would win that lovely blog candy....assuming it wouldn't be me. I just don't win things....and yet....who's name does she pull out of that box of names???? Mine!!! I started my dogs all in a lather....(another spider in the house?!!!!) and had to stop the video to get hubby to watch with me!!! I'm so excited to have won!!! Had to call my daughter....really so excited about this!!! THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!! I might add that Stephanie is the only reason I can blog period. I set it up and promptly lost it!!!! She was updating her blog following list and wanted the GGS I give it to her and tell her good luck finding she goes hunting and comes back in 30 seconds announcing she's found me and gives me the link!!!! To my own blog!!! Just too funny! I'm sooooo not a computer person! Anyway....I'm so glad I joined the GGS group! I so needed something good to happen and I had two biggies!!! What are the odds for the self-proclaimed Murphy's Law Poster Child?!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mary Poppins in Bondage

A few months back, I was rooting around the Mega Mall, an antique/junk/whatever store with many booths that's up the street from me here. I found some really cute little postcards with these cute little asian characters in them. They were $2 for a little book for 24 of them so of course, I signed up for 3. I kept one and gave the other ones to my daughters, MY DAUGHTER'S!!!, for Christmas a stocking stuffer. (stocking stuffers get harder now that the girls are grown!) So, the other day I needed a little note for someone so I pulled out said little book of cards. Evidently I need to look at each & every post card before I make purchases in future. I was surprised, quite unpleasantly to discover that some of them are a bit um, erotic sorts....I GAVE THESE TO MY DAUGHTERS!!!! I'm so mortified. They look so innocent like they could even be sent to a kid type innocent. When I flipped thru them briefly, all I saw was cute little smiling characters with pretty little soft colors around them. I HAVE TO GET A BIT MORE DETAIL ORIENTED!!!! Most of them are not very innocent at all....I mean not that they're pictures that actually jump out at you if you do a quick flip. It's when you actually look at what the hands are doing, etc....I GAVE THESE TO MY DAUGHTERS!!!! Oh I am never going to live this down. I only hope they haven't sent these to people randomly. I can hear it now..."Oh Lexy, oh Mandy....where did you get those soft porn postcards????? MY MOM! MY MOM!!!! I gave my daughters soft porn cartoon "art"!

Such lack of detail took me back in time to when the girls were 8 and 11. We went to Royal Oak, MI where they had some fun little shops, restaurants & such. My husband saw a place called Noire, a leather store. Being an avid leather fan, since he's a motorcycle papa, he wanted to go in. So...we go in, Jeff & Lex head down one aisle, Mandy and I the other. We're sauntering along looking at jewelry in the case....heads down, etc. I looked up and saw a few employees and they were all dressed in black....very goth types.'s ok...Lexy's first boyfriend had glow in the dark green hair so black....well at least it's a more 'normal color, though multiple piercings thru cheeks, lips, eyebrows & tongues made me cringe. Ok....still, I try not to be judgemental about people who probably spout water like a sprinkler when they have a drink, just a calm shop browser at this moment...then I look at a rack, there's all kinds of what looked to be instruments of bondage & torture. I glance at a picture on a wall and it's a blown up photo of an unfortunate person who took his own life with a caption of "his last drink of the day was a Smith & Wesson". At this point, I grab my daughter & hustle for my husband who by this time had also seen something that made him realize where we were at and we're both like "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" And hustle out the door.

Sometimes it knocks me over the head that there's a whole world out there that I'm oblivious to and honestly, I would still like to be oblivious to some of what I learned that day. For one, that they don't tell you in such a place that IT IS such a place when you walk in there like Mary Poppins on a lovely day out to the park with the family unit. Particularly when 2 of that family unit are small children. Two....that it's legal to enlarge such horror photos and sell them in a shop and three, that someone would find such a thing in anyway funny.

I would have gone 50 times thru "It's a Small World After All" to have not exposed my kids to that. I never did ask what it was Jeff and Lexy saw on the other side of the store that made them come hustling to the exit as well. I had enough of an education for the day. I'm not so sure being naive is such a bad thing after all.

Amazing the memories that a postcard will bring.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More of My Haul

Ok....pulled the pack of paper open....super cute!!! I love it! It stinks....literally....ugh, I'm probably getting formaldehyde poisoning!!!! What is that smell?!!! Oh's pretty. And the guitars....what fell on the floor before!!!!

Michael's Mini Haul!

Crummy px done in a hurry, but you can get the idea.....all this for $21!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Japanese Stamp Set

$4!!! I don't think it shows up really well in the photo, but a couple of the stamps are just really simple and not necessarily Japanese. This was Michael's for petes sakes! This store rarely marks things severely down unless they're under contractual obigation!
Anyway....just kind of something fun and different!


If this captures anyone's eye....good! Check out Steff's blog candy! SUPER SUPER CUTE! It's a double-super-cute! Her albums are brilliant. I think she's a secret scrappy spy from oh I don't know....secretscrappyspyworld....shoot....I need a 2nd cup of coffee.
Anyhoo....I'm going for the extra credit here and advertising her candy! And really is worth checking out! is the site!!! come I can't click on that and get to her site? Hope someone can help me with that one!

Friday, August 7, 2009


One of my favorite places to shop is Goodwill conveniently located about a mile away. A few months ago I happened upon this beautiful old coffee grinder which was made somewhere around the turn of the last century! It was $5 & I absolutely love it! I'm a coffee snob....about the only thing I'm snobbish about (Has to be freshly brewed beans, freshly ground, reverse osmosis purified water & only French Press made...) So....I just love to speculate about the lovely beans that must have passed thru this beauty!!!

Part 2 of Patty's mini!!

I never remember that I can't do that 'mini' photos in one!

Trade Mini I Received From Patty Mickle GGS!!!

I Love love love this mini album I received from Patty Mickle, via Girls Gone Scrappy Club that's hosted by Marion Smith at!

It has such a neat feel to it & little hidden pockets with tags, really neat metal flower embellishments....and it's bright & summery! Love these colors!

Thank you Patty!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Must move faster!

So much little time! I stayed up until 3:30 am dismantling this stuff & there's so much...but much of it I placed in Mandy's room & I want it up to health code for her when she returns tonight!!!
This is inside the smaller dresser do you store your clear stamps? I have some in clear covers in a notebook & now some kind of in their cases setting up in a wire basket thingy.....neither is terribly efficient!

Oh....I had to post a px of that embroidered ribbon doily thing. Circa 1920, 50 cents @ a garage sale!


The theme would be definitely shabby....I don't think there's any chic involved!!!! I'm going to take a px of the inside of this....see what you think.

What Should I hang?????

There's like this pole in the top of the armoire, what could I store hanging? There's a lot of good space there.....Ah's not showing here, but it runs right across over this stuff....there's about another 24 inches above the stuff.

Trying Again!

Hopefully to show another couple corners of my cubby!!!

Read this while you're in bed....on your left side!!!

Picture is sideways and one went missing & the other one....well God only knows. my day begins with my scraproom being scrapped again! Hubby brought home a new piece that we thought may help me organize a bit'm going to post pictures from time to time here while I try to sort this out & hope for advice from anyone who might have mercy....Lisa....Steph.....Joyce.....and anybody else!!! I am a TERRIBLE organizer and when I scrap, it's EVERYWHERE you wanna be. It's bad. And I'm half dutch!!!! Excommunicated dutch. I don't know if any of you are dutch, but before life, limb & lord comes the Big O....Organization.

Anyhooooooooooo, now that I have my proper camera cord....I can beg for help with actual photos!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Mama!

Okay....before anyone goes and thinks I think "I'm All That".....let me qualify. I'm having hot flashes amok! Day, night, night, day....geez.....I'm so worried every morning hubby is going to groan, "what's that smell?!" So far, he's been kind, though he did ask me why he's waking up with all the blankets on him every morning!!! I don't even realize I'm doing that to the poor guy, after all, he's no froze over. He has hot flashes of his own, though I somehow don't think they're related to mine. Less blankets? You'd think....except I go to bed with sox &, eh? Several years ago, he presented me with some pretty cotton Victoria's Secret nighties. Very modest actually...surprising enough. However I could only have them if I got rid of all my flannel nightgowns! I guess that should tell you something! Moderate cotton nighties were far preferable to him than flannel nightGOWNS! I actually don't remember why I wore those in the first place, I used to wake up in the morning twisted up in that thing like Morticia of The Addams Family. Well, at least they weren't black.....wait, I guess to a guy at least black would feel appropriately "baaaad". Good girl pinks just weren't in the running for some odd reason!!!

I guess just another one of those fun "as we age" things. Just wish I could figure out some comfortable nightwear....maybe I should try that mountain climbing long underwear that 'wicks moisture away from the body'. Maybe something 'laced' with anti-microbial beads to keep the smell down. Now that would be hot! Well...come on, it could be black!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oooohh Ooooh ooohhh I figured out how to follow!

Oh I love this feature! Now I figured out how people keep up! Now to add everyone else I want to follow! Too fun!!! Sorry....old person learning the beauties of the internet!!


Thanks for the nice comments on the mini guys! I was so nervous posting my mini in front of such talent as the GGS gals! (Not that any of you would tell me if my work stank!!....but.....I'm going to take your comments at face value!!!!

Oh....most of the lace on this mini is 100 years old'ish. And though I don't think you can see it, there's bits of an old William Tell book from 1905 I German. Sorry for you book collectors....but I have to say, I'm with Marion on this one....."it's just stuff". (I love that philosophy btw!)


My trade mini is exactly backwards! can get the idea of what I've done!!! A bit of progress for an old girl!

2nd half of trade mini! part of it!

Mini Trade for July!

I'm hoping this this has been a pain in the patooty. I'm so special needs on computers.