Friday, August 7, 2009


One of my favorite places to shop is Goodwill conveniently located about a mile away. A few months ago I happened upon this beautiful old coffee grinder which was made somewhere around the turn of the last century! It was $5 & I absolutely love it! I'm a coffee snob....about the only thing I'm snobbish about (Has to be freshly brewed beans, freshly ground, reverse osmosis purified water & only French Press made...) So....I just love to speculate about the lovely beans that must have passed thru this beauty!!!


  1. Wow Kathy!! how super neat is that!!??!! hee and OK.. 5BUCKS!! YEAH!! what a treasure you found!! I love things like this!! you inspired me to visit my local Goodwill!! and a coffee snob .... perfect!

    with a grin,

  2. oo and LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF YOUR BLOG! So pretty :)

  3. Your SOOOOOO FUNNY, you Coffee SNOB!!! I love this bargoon you found. And I agree, I'd buy it too if I loved coffee as much as you do.