Monday, August 24, 2009

Gotta Love Peachycheap!

I just received my $10 grab bag....such a great deal!!! I can't believe all the fun stuff in this! Check it out!!! There's all those little 16 sheets of that Laundry Line tag things....I've bought these individually at scrap stores! They're just so useful!!! And an 8x8 Butcher Block pad, a silver stamp pad, a clear stamp alphabet, 3 pkgs of rub-ons, and a whole pack of American Craft stickers....
Wow! Thank you Peachycheap....and Steph who sent me to this great deal!!!


  1. I LOVE HOW YOU TOOK THE pict of all your goodies next to your flowers!! so super pretty!! heee
    I can't wait to get my grab bag!! oooo
    with a grin,

  2. Oh Kathy I ordered this too!!!!! I can't wait to get mine......I guess this means it will get mine today YAY!!!!!!!! Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing :-)

  3. Isn't peachycheap the best?!!! I couldn't believe the good value!
    She's the bargain hunter's best friend.

    I have to get those flowers in every photo I can!!! They're just so beautiful and they just made me feel so loved and special!!! THANK YOU JOYCE! I just can't say that enough because I was just so stunned that anyone would send me flowers and I hadn't even just popped out a baby!!! (I think that was the last time someone sent me flowers besides my husband!)

  4. I ordered the same thing! Haha. I received mine today also, although I didn't get as much as you did. You must have gotten the 100something dollar grab bag!! :D Haha exciting!

  5. Hi Kathy!! what can I say. I wish peachycheap ship international. Love what you got!!!