Thursday, July 30, 2009

FINISHED! first trade mini is getting turned over to the USPS tomorrow. Typical me stringing this thing out until the 31rst of the month. What is with my indecisiveness?!!! I would look at that mini one day & think, "'s coming". Then the next I look, and think what special needs person did this? Anyway....being the person with 10 projects continually in progress, it felt soooooooo good to have a project finished!!!! I'm going to have to try this 'completion' thing more often! I like it! Hope super-mega-talented Joyce does!!! I've had fun putting this together I must say, though doing a mini for someone else sets the bar higher...You want everything to be perfect, however, being the non-professional that I am, it's just not. Ah well. I gave it my best & it was fun!

Now for next month's trade mini.....hmmmmm......

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures!!! Or Lack Thereof

I do plan on posting pictures....problem is right now my daughter has my camera and my husband lost our other camera when we took a wrong turn on the 3 mile trail and got on the 9 mile trail.  Did I mention I am directionally challenged?  Actually, this was not my wrong way moment, it was my daughter's.  My poor daughter Mandy has the unfortunate inheritance from me of a total lack of direction...North  South   East   West.....all the same to us unless we're looking for a beach sunset, and then the hints are very sky.  So....when my daughter gets back from her vacation, I will be able to at least post some pictures, I'm not so sure about videos yet, but I do want to share pictures.  I do a lot of scrap lifting I totally just so anybody who is interested goes in some fore-warning....BUT....for me personally, I love seeing everyone's different twist on basically the same idea.'s only fair to show my own twisted mind....wait....that didn't come out quite right!  You guys know what I mean though!!!  


Jeff's cargo shorts are in horrible repair.....pockets ripping out, faded fabric, just generally ready to toss them in the bin.  So, I head with joy in my heart to T.J. Maxx and with even further glee, find some perfectly lovely cargo shorts....2 pair no less in his size for $12.99!  Super cheap!  Good to work in (we own our own furniture/bedding/appliance/repair vacuum store and this is what he wears (he claims until December but it's really just until it drops to the 40's), but anyway....he needs shorts that don't look like he's homeless.  So....they're washed, ready to go....and what to my surprise does he put on Tuesday morning to head into work?  THE OLD RATTY ONES!  I asked why the heck wasn't he wearing his new shorts..."oh those are for good"....Like you're going to wear those to church with your dressy tennis shoes along with your dressy tube sox for your Sunday best.  Something like that.  

This man was raised in an impeccable traditional 50's style home.  His mother is very Victoriana.  When watching movies with her she feels obligated to gasp everytime there's a swear word (which frankly in some movies that Jeff likes leaves her practically hyperventilating.  When I was pregnant, I was really i.v.'s a couple times a week sick.  God bless the woman she took our laundry, washed it & ironed EVERYTHING down to my flannel nightgowns.  Unbelievable,  as my method of ironing these days consists of shaking out vigorously, repeating as needed.   Of course, when we went over there for Father's Day Jeff decides to make me look really good by wearing mesh gym shorts and an old ratty t-shirt that's been buried  & stuffed into a wad at the bottom  of his t-shirt drawer, circa 1996 at least.  Needless to say, my daughter and I both bullied him into putting on his new lovely casual/dress t & at least some shorts that were not meant to be at the gym.  

I've now figured out where this "saving it for good" comes from.  It's from his mother!!!  She has dishes in her cupboard....lovely, beautiful dishes that are neatly packed away in proper containers and never see the light of day.  WHY??????????????????  His sister has a house full of Yankee Candles (which I love but can't afford).  She never burns them....why?  My brother-in-law sort of answered this question one day when we were there for dinner eating off the old plates, when he told of how when they were in elementary school,  all the other boys were blowing up their lunch sacks, blowing them up and popping them (like any self-respecting boy in elementary school does of course, along with of course the obligatory Chicquita banana sticker in the middle of one's forehead.)  Not these boys.  They had to fold up their little lunch sack, put it into their perfectly ironed long-sleeved, button up perma-press Sears shirts and bring them home to save them for the next day...and presumably the next.  So....a 100 count bag of  lunch sacks could conceivably last the whole of their school years,   graduating and heading onto college with a proper Scooby Doo lunch pail like the rest of the boys had!  They had indeed arrived.  Job well done.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Aging Process

So the eye-doctor said my eyes are getting old....get over it basically.  He was more polite about it of course, but it dawned on me as I rode home that soon I'll be dead.  Hmmmm.....mortality thoughts are never good ones.  I've had so many problems with the various glasses I've gotten over the last few months and we keep going back to adjust so I quit getting these piercing headaches I get.  The solution now is to have 2 different pairs.  Geez....something else to keep track of, but if it means I can stop taking 20 ibuprofen a day....I'm in.  Or it may not be eye-related at all  and it might be blood sugar....good grief.  I eat cookies all the time how in the heck could I have low blood sugar.  Hmmmm.  6 small meals a day....which I basically do, but evidently cookies don't count as a meal.  Hi pro.  I think there's a dog food by that name.  

8 Legged Bully

The 8 Legged Terrorist/Bull is still on the lam in my room.  How one small creep can cause such an upset is beyond me.  But I've always wondered why bullies get away with bullying.  It's all about the psychological edge they hold over the Bullied!  He has 8 of them...not to mention hair!  And though I'm not sure because I was in such a fit over him....I'm sure he was wearing steel-toed boots.  After all, he ransacked the room....the shelf collapsed the night he was rooting around in there.  (Yes....I do realize I'm delusional....) Maybe hyponotism would work or illegal drugs! (Just kidding DEA.)  Hmmm....I should scrap a page about this Thing.  Steph kept one for a pet.  Talk about true mother love!!!!  I'm so impressed!!  

However, a discovery was made.  I could be murdered in the next room and my husband may not discover me until morning.  Screaming bloody murder....he never heard me.  Dogs didn't react.....nice little Terrorist Supporters.  It's my secret fear that they gave the Terrorist the ticket into my room...big fluffy tail....perfect place to hide.  

They're going to have to take me away...ha ha hee hee....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gutted Scraproom!!

What a crazy day!  The 8-Legged Terrorist triggered me to gut my scraproom today.  Typical me, I didn't think about the fact that just because certain pieces of furniture technically fit in the allotted small floor space, it doesn't mean that the drawers & doors will open.  This is a problem if you keep things in said drawers and behind said doors.  I loaded up the tops of these certain problem items, not once, but twice!  Had to unload them, and pull them out and keep trying to make these puzzle pieces fit!  I technically got trapped in there by stuff too, so stacked was it all!  
Good grief!  I was even embarrassed.....the dogs were watching me wondering what compulsive obsessive disorder I'd gotten myself into.  I think I'm spending too much time alone since I'm not working! 

Tomorrow I will be leaving town for a bit with Jeff....I truly am like old people some days.  The big outing of the day will be to the eye doctor!  Wow....I'm becoming one of THEM.  I have to watch what I eat for fear I'll upset my stomach, and now my outing for the day is to the doctor. 
Oh....and we're going out to dinner.....THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!  I don't know!!!  Well....back to my Stryker frame and my scrap-mess!   

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thanks to Stephanie & Lisa's coaching.  Good grief I struggle with technology, but I do love all the perks of it!  

 I'm full of bratwurst (would have preferred burgers....but) and home made ice cream!  Yum!  

Jeff and I went and saw yet another fireworks show tonight.  If there's fireworks within a few miles of here, we have to go see it.   Guys do love things that explode!  I can never sit in a car watching fireworks w/o thinking of my daughter Lexy's first reaction to it when she was just over a year old.  She was sitting between us and that first boom went off....HIT THE DECK!!! she belly flopped to the floor with her hands over her ears.  Geez....that's 25 years ago!!!  She's 26 next month.  Just doesn't seem like that long ago.  I'll be dead before I'm going to go work on my mini book and not think about it!  

Friday, July 3, 2009


I know this seems like a silly thing, but I tend to get hyper-focused on things until I get them right.  I finally shaved my legs today....(yes I've been showering daily, but hadn't shaved for a bit) my poor husband.  He's going to think I'm competing with him.   I seriously have sat here until 3 in the afternoon unshowered!!!  I think how nasty, so hop in for a quickie and no shave!  So today, I finally decided my poor husband might not want to see our 27 wedding anniversary in August if I didn't do something about my European legs!!!  
Anyway....I will post pictures when I get my camera back....or I find the one hubby lost!

Antique Me

Okay....I'm lazy.  I know there's ways to figure out how to do these blogs better, but man, seems like it all takes such time.  I just want the quick & easy way, just like I want the quick ez way to cover & cut out chipboard flowers as well as Stephanie!!!  Steph I looks like the poor posy has been biting it' nails!  Argh.   I'm going to learn to do this right.  As I will with the blog!  

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Oh clearly this is going to take some getting used to....putting down thoughts. I have any today?  I've been looking at the various blogs of the gals from Girls Gone Scrappy....and I feel like I'm in pre-school and unable to read.  They're so beautiful.  I must learn how to decorate this.  If only I could use regular scrap paper and glue!!!!