Monday, July 6, 2009

Gutted Scraproom!!

What a crazy day!  The 8-Legged Terrorist triggered me to gut my scraproom today.  Typical me, I didn't think about the fact that just because certain pieces of furniture technically fit in the allotted small floor space, it doesn't mean that the drawers & doors will open.  This is a problem if you keep things in said drawers and behind said doors.  I loaded up the tops of these certain problem items, not once, but twice!  Had to unload them, and pull them out and keep trying to make these puzzle pieces fit!  I technically got trapped in there by stuff too, so stacked was it all!  
Good grief!  I was even embarrassed.....the dogs were watching me wondering what compulsive obsessive disorder I'd gotten myself into.  I think I'm spending too much time alone since I'm not working! 

Tomorrow I will be leaving town for a bit with Jeff....I truly am like old people some days.  The big outing of the day will be to the eye doctor!  Wow....I'm becoming one of THEM.  I have to watch what I eat for fear I'll upset my stomach, and now my outing for the day is to the doctor. 
Oh....and we're going out to dinner.....THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!  I don't know!!!  Well....back to my Stryker frame and my scrap-mess!   


  1. Hi Kathy!

    Congrats on your new blog! :) I can't wait to see everything you'll be posting!
    Is that spider still in your scrap room? How awful!! I'm just as terrified of them as you are, so I understand completely!!

    Talk to you soon!:)

    Lots of hugs and love,

  2. hee.. Kathy!! I'm so excited - you've done several posts since the leg shaving post!! heee .. I'm off to read your blog! Eye doctor?? what could THAT be all about!
    with a grin,