Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Aging Process

So the eye-doctor said my eyes are getting old....get over it basically.  He was more polite about it of course, but it dawned on me as I rode home that soon I'll be dead.  Hmmmm.....mortality thoughts are never good ones.  I've had so many problems with the various glasses I've gotten over the last few months and we keep going back to adjust so I quit getting these piercing headaches I get.  The solution now is to have 2 different pairs.  Geez....something else to keep track of, but if it means I can stop taking 20 ibuprofen a day....I'm in.  Or it may not be eye-related at all  and it might be blood sugar....good grief.  I eat cookies all the time how in the heck could I have low blood sugar.  Hmmmm.  6 small meals a day....which I basically do, but evidently cookies don't count as a meal.  Hi pro.  I think there's a dog food by that name.  


  1. Good grief.. 2 pairs of glasses!!?? Yep, I'm in too if that means the headaches go away. :)
    and.. I hope that doctor was pleasant with you!
    and KATHY..GIVE IT A REST... YOUR NOT OLD.. NOPE.. Can tell by you blog!! No worries there girly girl!
    with a grin,

  2. Kathy, I luv ready your blogs and emails. I'm so glad You were able to get it. Did you ever find that 8 legged creature? And your poor eyes. You better take of them, we need to keep on scrapin. :)