Thursday, July 30, 2009

FINISHED! first trade mini is getting turned over to the USPS tomorrow. Typical me stringing this thing out until the 31rst of the month. What is with my indecisiveness?!!! I would look at that mini one day & think, "'s coming". Then the next I look, and think what special needs person did this? Anyway....being the person with 10 projects continually in progress, it felt soooooooo good to have a project finished!!!! I'm going to have to try this 'completion' thing more often! I like it! Hope super-mega-talented Joyce does!!! I've had fun putting this together I must say, though doing a mini for someone else sets the bar higher...You want everything to be perfect, however, being the non-professional that I am, it's just not. Ah well. I gave it my best & it was fun!

Now for next month's trade mini.....hmmmmm......


  1. HI Kathy!! Heee ... yeah congrats !! Isn't it fun getting a project finished and ready to ship out!!:) I'm SURE SHE'S GONNA LOVE IT!! :) HUGS!
    with a grin,

  2. Steph beat me to the comments- again! That girl can blog hop faster than anyone I know! Ah Kathy... not sure I am all the talent you say I am. I just fake it and keep trudging along! Yep, you are so right- doing scrapping for others makes us really try a bit harder. Just know that I am very easy to please! And I am certain I will LOVE the album tonz and tonz!!! Thanks Kathy for all your time, your talent, and your effort!
    Love ya- Joyce