Friday, July 3, 2009


I know this seems like a silly thing, but I tend to get hyper-focused on things until I get them right.  I finally shaved my legs today....(yes I've been showering daily, but hadn't shaved for a bit) my poor husband.  He's going to think I'm competing with him.   I seriously have sat here until 3 in the afternoon unshowered!!!  I think how nasty, so hop in for a quickie and no shave!  So today, I finally decided my poor husband might not want to see our 27 wedding anniversary in August if I didn't do something about my European legs!!!  
Anyway....I will post pictures when I get my camera back....or I find the one hubby lost!


  1. Kathy - your such a kick.. your posts are NEVER BORING.. and make me laugh!! thank you thank you.. YOUR LEGS THANK YOu!!:)

    WITH A silly grin,

  2. Kathy... you are a writer!! I love reading your blog! I still owe you an e-mail. I have tonz of cleaning to do today... and I gotta shave my legs too!! So, I will be getting in touch with ya soon!
    Glad yo found the camera!!! Yay! -Joyce