Friday, February 19, 2010

Ring around the rosy, cupboards full of posies!

So I walk into my local Goodwill yesterday and find that our poor local greenhouse has had to unload a bit of his silk flower stock to make way for the new spring shipments! Beautiful bouquets I found for $1.00. Of course I can hardly move my fingers after dismantling them, pulling out the plastic bits and glimmering, shimmering and shining them up! Anyway....I was so pleased walking into Michael's tonight and seeing their half dozen flowers for $3, $4 and up.....I've still got 3 bouquets to go!!! Now to fid a way to organize it all!

I joined Your Paper Pantry's site mostly for Finish it Friday....but I'm far from finished!!! I got to digging in my yard sale jewelry and found this pretty bauble to pop on top of one!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Zettie Bettie has blog candy!!!
you have a week to sign up and it's cute cute cute paper line that I don't think I've ever seen!!! She said she didn't think it was available in the U.S.

Anyhoo....check her out...she's a delight to listen to!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check out the blog candy!!

4umarlene1 is having a great give-a-way! Check her out....her blog is at
Actually...I'm so glad she's having this give as I've been a subscriber for quite some time, but never hopped over to her blog and she has an AMAZING SITE!!! There goes the rest of my afternoon cuz I have to go check out more of her stuff!!! She's a kindred spirit for sure because there's loads of px of her in junk shops! My favorite thing to do!!!! Check her out!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


My pup has now ruled the roost for 3 weeks now! He's getting more stubborn and has more clout than he ever did! He sleeps on us while we watch tv and life with him is just like having a new baby! Tonight he crawled up under my arm and put his head up on my shoulder and rested for a moment....then began tickling my neck & ear. I was laughing so hard & he knew he was the cause of it. The whole playful puppy wag began and well.....he's just constant entertainment. And I've officially become one of those old people who dotes on their dogs!

I got him this little hoody because he seems to be so chilly outside. He's not much of an outdoors-man at all....though he discovered a weak spot in the fence so I had to go move rocks this morning and hopefully block his way. (This is the same hole I had another dog crawl thru years ago and got killed right in front of my kids!) Hubby still hasn't fixed it, so even if it looks like Sam Stinkin' Hill....I'm going to protect my pup! Sadly he doesn't think much of the whole clothing idea and tried endlessly to tear it off....sooo......anyway....had to get a picture of him with it on!! It's like he's just saying "Oh Mom!....the big dogs don't have to wear a jacket!" He makes my empty nest just a wee bit easier to bear!

I'm learning a lot as I grow older.....that my mom really did need a restroom every 20 minutes or so....that mother nature is kind in dimming our eye sight....I look ever so much better without my glasses on, thinking I'm looking okay to be seen in public until I put those darn things on and see my eye liner is 1/8 inch below where it should be! But there's a certain comfort to be had knowing that when hubby takes his glasses off, he still sees me as he did 27 years ago....(well...just about!) And puppy....well he just doesn't care about such things at all, preferring to love without reservation or prejudice. A character trait I would do well to try to emulate....perhaps I could sleep with such abandon as well!

Friday, November 6, 2009

They call it Puppy Love......!! And it's a boy, what else?

OK....I confess....I didn't mean for it to happy, we touched noses, and thing lead to another and he spent the night last night!
NO NO NO NO....not that! Before you go thinking the worst....this is love of the canine variety. He's 10 weeks old and he's having a little nap right now so I can get on and post baby pictures!!! I hadn't really forgotten how it is to have a pup....but I had. Outside everytime they sniff, which they're doing constantly. But....he's been a genius so far and only had one accident when Jeff was 'manning' him. Moms are always better at seeing the signs of impending elimination aren't they?! I think it's genetic!
Anyhoo....I just wanted to post some quick photos of him because I'm bragging to everyone I know and I want you to meet Maximus....Maxi for short. Jeff got to name him because he wasn't exactly lining up for a new pup, we just got new carpet a few months ago!!! But....we were at a trade show and he was on full trade which meant $30 out of pocket for a Jack Russell....the rest is bartered out thru our business. Love trade exchanges! I'm not so sure Jeff will want to take me to anymore!!! But for today....I'm reveling in being a new mom!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Face of Death Meow....oops...I mean Row!

Okay so I've been smelling this smell....for a while and I've searched high and low looking for the source. I finally concluded that I must be smelling things....I do this....I smell things others just don't notice. nose was on target....well sort of or it would have sniffed out the source before. Today, in a rare moment of cleaning inspiration, I pulled out the couch to vacuum and my horror....I discovered the crap cache! Maybe a month's worth! I relocated the litter box a while back and apparently Miss Lili just doesn't like the new location. And yes.....I will be moving it back to where SHE wants it! And yes! She wins, which grinds me....but this episode was just unacceptable and must not be repeated!

You might be wondering naturally, "Wasn't she thinking, 'where's the poo' when scooping the litter box?'. Well....I'm a bit mortified to admit that my helpful housekeeper dogs pitch in by 'cleaning' the litter box for me, no need to define that statement. They have 'Cat Crap Fever', and enjoy a mid-day snack. I've asked the vet about this, and no, it's not good for them, but most dogs tend to help their owners in such ways, not unusual. So....well, they're not dead yet, but the cat, well....she's about to be!

Now for all you cat lovers out there (of which I am, believe it or not, one of them), I only put her in jail while I cleaned up her stash, and she was not killed, mutilated or otherwise harmed in the taking of this picture.....however, that may not have been true when I first discovered her deposit! And no....she won't actually be put to death, but I can't say the thought didn't pass thru my mind!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missing Great Sox!

In doing laundry tonight, I came up with the usual 1/2 dozen single sox while sorting. I grabbed my basket that holds the single sox of years past, with the hope of course, that I could make a few mates. While my spirit soared when I reunited a pair of Argyles with each other, sadly I was unable to match up any others. I finally got ruthless and tossed out the sox that had been in and out of the system for evidently the past 20 years or so. I had little kid sox! Even when my kids were little, they didn't have little feet. must be from when they were REALLY little....which means we're talking 25 years or so.


When my dad died and we were sorting thru his worldly goods, I found plastic flowers in the attic along with the lovely matching plastic "vaaaaasze.." and wondered how the heck they kept stuff that long. After all, my mom had passed away 20 years before my dad. And yet he still had orange plastic flowers in his attic! So I guess I come by these "hang onto it for some day" genes naturally. But really... I can do better than this. If I don't want my kids to just light a match to the place when I die, I have to do better than this.

I do wonder from time to time where all these great sox go. Is there like a Bermuda Triangle surrounding me that sox just go missing, sucked into some crazy vortex and churning with all the missing sox of my past lives. How can one or two people possibly have 21 single sox! Wouldn't there be a corresponding pile of them somewhere? I mean they take up quite a bit of space!

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries of our time.