Monday, September 28, 2009

The Face of Death Meow....oops...I mean Row!

Okay so I've been smelling this smell....for a while and I've searched high and low looking for the source. I finally concluded that I must be smelling things....I do this....I smell things others just don't notice. nose was on target....well sort of or it would have sniffed out the source before. Today, in a rare moment of cleaning inspiration, I pulled out the couch to vacuum and my horror....I discovered the crap cache! Maybe a month's worth! I relocated the litter box a while back and apparently Miss Lili just doesn't like the new location. And yes.....I will be moving it back to where SHE wants it! And yes! She wins, which grinds me....but this episode was just unacceptable and must not be repeated!

You might be wondering naturally, "Wasn't she thinking, 'where's the poo' when scooping the litter box?'. Well....I'm a bit mortified to admit that my helpful housekeeper dogs pitch in by 'cleaning' the litter box for me, no need to define that statement. They have 'Cat Crap Fever', and enjoy a mid-day snack. I've asked the vet about this, and no, it's not good for them, but most dogs tend to help their owners in such ways, not unusual. So....well, they're not dead yet, but the cat, well....she's about to be!

Now for all you cat lovers out there (of which I am, believe it or not, one of them), I only put her in jail while I cleaned up her stash, and she was not killed, mutilated or otherwise harmed in the taking of this picture.....however, that may not have been true when I first discovered her deposit! And no....she won't actually be put to death, but I can't say the thought didn't pass thru my mind!!!


  1. I would have voted for death row if I had to clean up that mess!

  2. LOL .. HOLY SMOKES!! POOR KITTY!! POOR YOU FOR HAVING TO CLEAN UP THAT MESS.. Oh.. well.. your kitty is soo super cute.. and looks soo.. well.. ok.. GUILTY!! :) BUT SO STINKIN' CUTE!! NO pun intended!! just a sweeet little kitty!! :) ok and i love that you updated your blog!! I SO LOVE reading your blog.. so much fun!! :) thanks Kathy!!
    :) happpy saturday!
    with a grin,