Friday, November 6, 2009

They call it Puppy Love......!! And it's a boy, what else?

OK....I confess....I didn't mean for it to happy, we touched noses, and thing lead to another and he spent the night last night!
NO NO NO NO....not that! Before you go thinking the worst....this is love of the canine variety. He's 10 weeks old and he's having a little nap right now so I can get on and post baby pictures!!! I hadn't really forgotten how it is to have a pup....but I had. Outside everytime they sniff, which they're doing constantly. But....he's been a genius so far and only had one accident when Jeff was 'manning' him. Moms are always better at seeing the signs of impending elimination aren't they?! I think it's genetic!
Anyhoo....I just wanted to post some quick photos of him because I'm bragging to everyone I know and I want you to meet Maximus....Maxi for short. Jeff got to name him because he wasn't exactly lining up for a new pup, we just got new carpet a few months ago!!! But....we were at a trade show and he was on full trade which meant $30 out of pocket for a Jack Russell....the rest is bartered out thru our business. Love trade exchanges! I'm not so sure Jeff will want to take me to anymore!!! But for today....I'm reveling in being a new mom!


  1. OMG KATHY MAXIMUS IS SOSOOOOOOOO OOO OSSOOO ADORABLY CUTE!! WE need a video with you introducing him to your scrappy family!!! HE'S WAY CUTE.. I SEE WHY you became his mommy !!! HE'S so very lucky to have you!! ooo have fun!!! :) soo excited for you!!
    Steff ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! Kathy did do it!!!
    Hooray 4 you!! Wow Kathy, Merry Christmas a bit early! Yep, you are definitely a new momma now! Ah good luck, Maxi is so so cute! You gotta keep taking photos. And... Jeff is so good to let you have him... but I don't know how you do it! Lucy is all I can handle for now, so I havta stay away from all the cuteness... cuz I couldn't resist!have loads of fun!!! I am happy for you!
    Hugz- Joyce

  3. OMG, Kathy I just love your Maxi. He is so darn cute with that little face. Congratulation!!! Yes do a video on Maxi and I'll do a vid on my girls.