Friday, February 19, 2010

Ring around the rosy, cupboards full of posies!

So I walk into my local Goodwill yesterday and find that our poor local greenhouse has had to unload a bit of his silk flower stock to make way for the new spring shipments! Beautiful bouquets I found for $1.00. Of course I can hardly move my fingers after dismantling them, pulling out the plastic bits and glimmering, shimmering and shining them up! Anyway....I was so pleased walking into Michael's tonight and seeing their half dozen flowers for $3, $4 and up.....I've still got 3 bouquets to go!!! Now to fid a way to organize it all!

I joined Your Paper Pantry's site mostly for Finish it Friday....but I'm far from finished!!! I got to digging in my yard sale jewelry and found this pretty bauble to pop on top of one!

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