Thursday, July 2, 2009


Oh clearly this is going to take some getting used to....putting down thoughts. I have any today?  I've been looking at the various blogs of the gals from Girls Gone Scrappy....and I feel like I'm in pre-school and unable to read.  They're so beautiful.  I must learn how to decorate this.  If only I could use regular scrap paper and glue!!!!  


  1. You do not look 47 girl! How do you do it? Also, if you don't like the blog back ground choices, go to and it is pretty easy to figure out to change your back ground without paper and glue- LOL! If I can do it... anyone can. :) Good luck blogging. I too am still a Newbie to this blogging world.

  2. Hee Kathy - your so funny! Your blog is fine.. and it takes time. I'm new too and still figuring it out!! I enjoyed reading your blog post :)
    with a grin,