Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 Legged Bully

The 8 Legged Terrorist/Bull is still on the lam in my room.  How one small creep can cause such an upset is beyond me.  But I've always wondered why bullies get away with bullying.  It's all about the psychological edge they hold over the Bullied!  He has 8 of them...not to mention hair!  And though I'm not sure because I was in such a fit over him....I'm sure he was wearing steel-toed boots.  After all, he ransacked the room....the shelf collapsed the night he was rooting around in there.  (Yes....I do realize I'm delusional....) Maybe hyponotism would work or illegal drugs! (Just kidding DEA.)  Hmmm....I should scrap a page about this Thing.  Steph kept one for a pet.  Talk about true mother love!!!!  I'm so impressed!!  

However, a discovery was made.  I could be murdered in the next room and my husband may not discover me until morning.  Screaming bloody murder....he never heard me.  Dogs didn't react.....nice little Terrorist Supporters.  It's my secret fear that they gave the Terrorist the ticket into my room...big fluffy tail....perfect place to hide.  

They're going to have to take me away...ha ha hee hee....

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  1. That DAMN 8 LEGGED BULLY!!! seriously funny post! I recall the email you sent that evening telling me what was going on.. I'm still chuckling :) Heee on to your next post!! so much fun! thanks Kathy!!
    with a grin,