Monday, August 24, 2009


So....I'm mindlessly (not unusual) signing into my blog, and I somehow got on my Twitter page instead. I guess I wasn't aware that Twitter is so very helpful that they figure that if you write about something, then they'll help you out and send you little tweets to other such somethings. Well....since I wrote about Mary Poppins in bondage, of course they sent me links to BDSM sites. Oh boy! The thought just occurred to me that I've probably signed up for more by actually mentioning it. I'll check them out as soon as I find the key to my handcuffs....KIDDING TWITTER! JUST KIDDING!

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  1. hheheheheh hheheheh YOU KEEP ME LAUGHING.. THANK YOU KATHY!! HEHHEHEHE ... great post!! man o man I love that you blog!! whew.. !!
    with a grin,