Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Mama!

Okay....before anyone goes and thinks I think "I'm All That".....let me qualify. I'm having hot flashes amok! Day, night, night, day....geez.....I'm so worried every morning hubby is going to groan, "what's that smell?!" So far, he's been kind, though he did ask me why he's waking up with all the blankets on him every morning!!! I don't even realize I'm doing that to the poor guy, after all, he's no froze over. He has hot flashes of his own, though I somehow don't think they're related to mine. Less blankets? You'd think....except I go to bed with sox &, eh? Several years ago, he presented me with some pretty cotton Victoria's Secret nighties. Very modest actually...surprising enough. However I could only have them if I got rid of all my flannel nightgowns! I guess that should tell you something! Moderate cotton nighties were far preferable to him than flannel nightGOWNS! I actually don't remember why I wore those in the first place, I used to wake up in the morning twisted up in that thing like Morticia of The Addams Family. Well, at least they weren't black.....wait, I guess to a guy at least black would feel appropriately "baaaad". Good girl pinks just weren't in the running for some odd reason!!!

I guess just another one of those fun "as we age" things. Just wish I could figure out some comfortable nightwear....maybe I should try that mountain climbing long underwear that 'wicks moisture away from the body'. Maybe something 'laced' with anti-microbial beads to keep the smell down. Now that would be hot! Well...come on, it could be black!

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  1. oh ! oh! oh! heeeee heeeee snort snort snort!! KATHY YOUR KILLING ME!! hee i love reading your blog.. i have no answers.. yet!! :) hee hee.. I'M SURE your honey doesn;t mind one bit!
    with a grin,