Sunday, August 2, 2009


Thanks for the nice comments on the mini guys! I was so nervous posting my mini in front of such talent as the GGS gals! (Not that any of you would tell me if my work stank!!....but.....I'm going to take your comments at face value!!!!

Oh....most of the lace on this mini is 100 years old'ish. And though I don't think you can see it, there's bits of an old William Tell book from 1905 I German. Sorry for you book collectors....but I have to say, I'm with Marion on this one....."it's just stuff". (I love that philosophy btw!)

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  1. I am speechless at the wonder of this mini! I can hardly wait to get it! I am honored and I am super excited as Steph would say! But really right now, I am beyond Super... I keep clicking on each page to see it bigger. I called Scrubby into the room to have him admire the mini too! He loves it! I am blessed that he "gets into this" with me too. 100 year old lace... wow!!! And the old book!! I just love vintage!!! I just need learn how to scrapbook vintage-ish cuz I am not good at doing it. I will have scrubby make a video of me with the mini! Thanks so so much Kathy! I feel like a kid at Christmas time!!