Friday, August 7, 2009

Trade Mini I Received From Patty Mickle GGS!!!

I Love love love this mini album I received from Patty Mickle, via Girls Gone Scrappy Club that's hosted by Marion Smith at!

It has such a neat feel to it & little hidden pockets with tags, really neat metal flower embellishments....and it's bright & summery! Love these colors!

Thank you Patty!!!!


  1. OH!! KATHY -- SUPER CUTE!! Patty's mini she made for you is so super cute... i love the greeens!!! man o man this mini is going to be FUN TO FILL UP with photos and EASY TO ADD the photos/journaling to!
    with a grin

  2. I love it! And it is....just so user friendly!!! The pages turn easily, it lays flat, it's just really beautiful! So summery!

  3. Kathy, This is such a cute mini..... GREEN, my favorite, and PINK my other favorite :-)
    I know you will enjoy it a great deal!!!!

  4. I am enjoying it! It's funny cuz I keep picking it's just got a lot of cute details!