Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Must move faster!

So much stuff....so little time! I stayed up until 3:30 am dismantling this stuff & there's so much...but much of it I placed in Mandy's room & I want it up to health code for her when she returns tonight!!!
This is inside the smaller dresser thingy.....how do you store your clear stamps? I have some in clear covers in a notebook & now some kind of in their cases setting up in a wire basket thingy.....neither is terribly efficient!

Oh....I had to post a px of that embroidered ribbon doily thing. Circa 1920, 50 cents @ a garage sale!


  1. I LOVE THAT EMBROIDERED RIBBON DOILY THINGY .. OH MY Its really pretty!! and even more so when it was 50 cents!! wow :) super find!!
    thanks for postingit!! i love to see TREASURES people find at yard sales, rumage sales, boutiques, antique stores, etc :)
    andyour space is looking great!! :) super cute!!
    with a grin,